Pribojska Spa – Western Serbia


Pribojska Spa is situated between the mountains of Crni Vrh (1188 m) in the north, Pobjednik (1423 m) in the south-west and Lisja Stena (1386 m) in the south, in the gentle valley of the River Lim’s right bank.

This ancient health resort is located about 10 km from the Uzice-Prijepolje motorway, only 5 km away from Priboj (western Serbia).

There are several springs of thermo-mineral waters in Pribojska Spa (530 m), of various abundance and temperatures (36.5° – 37° C) and without any colour or odour. According to its chemical content, this healful water is a mildly radioactive indifferent homeotherm of earth-alkaline type, containing mainly calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate…

For medical purposes, it is used by bathing and drinking. This natural health resort has had a long tradition.
The beneficial properties of Pribojska Spa’s healful water had been known to Ancient Romans, and later on to the people of medieval Serbia.
Old Turkish baths testify that the Turks used the springs in the course of their rule over these regions.

Despite that, Pribojska Spa had been unjustly neglected for centuries, compared to other health resorts in Serbia. Up to the the Second World War, the Spa had been the property of St. Nicolas Monastery (12th century), better known as Monastery Spa.

Pribojska Spa and monastery of St. Nicolas

It was inadequately organized and built – with old baths, a small hotel and supplementary buildings. It was only after the Second World War that detailed landscaping and modernization of the Spa was undertaken.

Building of a modern Health Dispensary in 1971, and its Department for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, with pools and bath tubs and restaurants, greatly contributed to the Spa’s development. The Dispensary, connected to the Medical Centre in Priboj, is now the promoter of the medical function of the Spa. The team of expert medical staff applies hydro, kinesi and physical therapies in this facility.

The surrounding area of the Spa offers excellent opportunities for picnics, fishing, mountaineering and other modes of recreation and for visiting historical sites numerous in this part of Serbia.

Pribojska Spa is at 530 m altitude -which makes it a climatic health resort. The mountain peaks surrounding it are covered with pine woods (Crni Vrh), linden and juniper (Lisja Stena), so that the air is clean and fresh, filled with the odours of the forests.

The Monastery of St. Nicolas is located in the vicinity of the Spa, while Mileseva Monastery (13th century) is about 30 km away (5 km away from Prijepolje).

The wooded mountain of Zlatar is also near, as well as the man-made lakes of Zlatarsko, Podpec, Radoinjsko and Sjenicko, and the picturesque Gorge of the Uvac.

george of Uvac river

Accommodation is available in the Spa Dispensary (which, together with the pavilions, offers about 200 beds) and in private houses with around 500 beds, as well as in “Lim” Hotel in Priboj.

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